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Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Cheats and Tricks [Get Gold and Diamonds]



Hello everyone, we released new Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Cheats that may offer you Unlimited Gold and unlimited Diamonds. You don’t have to download anything since this can be an online version, so all you need to do is click Online Hack button as well as your Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Hack will be to use! Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Cheats are 100% safe. We ensured that cheats for Legacy of Discord Furious Wings work great on all Google android and iOS devices. Also, it is important to mention you don’t need to root your Android os device or jailbreak your iOS device. Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Online Hack has been analyzed on a huge selection of Android os and iOS devices and it proved helpful perfect each and every time! One more thing which makes our Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Hack the best is that it is really simple to operate – you can get Infinite Gold and unlimited Diamonds easily. If you don’t know how to use it, you’ll be able to learn complete instructions on in this article later! Have fun!

New Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Cheats Tool is a really useful online tool. Would you like to get unlimited Diamonds and Gold in Legacy of Discord Furious Wings? The answer for your problems is our Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Cheats Tool! You will discover a lot of things for which you can use this Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Cheats for and i will list only a few of them. For instance you will generate unlimited Diamonds and free Gold in Legacy of Discord Furious Wings, but there are way more features. This Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Cheats tool has been extensivly tested by our beta testers plus they helped us eliminate all bugs within our software. You may make a lot more cool things with this planned program. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be fine and you’ll get our Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Cheats ready to go very quickly! Enjoy our Legacy of Discord Furious Wings tool and try more of our Cheats we have to offer!

Our guide will show you how to easily get:

  • Gold
  • Diamonds

Legacy of Discord Furious Wings Guide results:


Click this button to get your PDF guide:


Legacy of Discord Furious Wings information:

The hold out has ended finally, because Youzu Interactive’s completely new action role using game is open to download right now. From your developers who helped bring you other great game titles including Category of Angels – Flame Raiders and Youngsters of the Three Kingdoms, comes the newest mobile game – Legacy of Discord Furious Wings. Released earlier this full week, the application hope to be the dominating push of the ARPG world – getting advice at the 2016 Apple worldwide builders’ conference, that lead to its now global feature on Yahoo Play. Boasting an engine specifically made to push the limits of mobile gaming while maintaining optimized performance, Legacy of Discord Furious Wings looks to set the bar high above its opponents in the MMORP genre. Put your skills to the test in the countless PvE modes, including story campaigns, boss challenges, and trails, or set your competitive streak wild and fight to the death in plenty of real-time combat events. But if you are more of a team player, you can also become a member of the guild 5v5 tower defence to get together to guard the honour of your guild.

With distinctive classes to choose from – each with their own skill sets, plenty of customisation options to assist your personas’ development, and the major wrathwings feature that may be equipped to get immense electric power – it’s no think about the game’s doing this well. We’re so thrilled to determine more in what Legacy of Discord Furious Wings provides, so we swept up with the Youzu devs to get the within monitor on its hottest release. Legacy of Discord Furious Wings is another era of Action RPGs which was created by a genuine Fancy-3D engine unit specially suitable for mobile phones to increase performance on mobile with powerful real-time combat and intensely swift action, to unleash damaging string and skills combos with optimized touch control buttons.


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  1. Deli December 12, 2016

    I am going to try it now, I will report later if it worked or not

  2. Rori December 12, 2016

    Wow it looks really cool!

  3. Scotty December 12, 2016

    Thank you so much for sharing. I just got it to work but I wonder if I can use my Activation Code multiple times or just once? I added 1000 Diamonds just to test it but now I would like more hahah

    • admin December 13, 2016 — Post Author

      Hey Scotty, once you get your Activation Code, you can use it as many times as you want. And yes, that means unlimited Diamonds for you! πŸ™‚

  4. Forzo December 28, 2016

    I don’t know how to make it work. Do I need to connect my phone with cable or no?

    • admin December 28, 2016 — Post Author

      No, you don’t need to do that because our hack is server based.

  5. Philly December 28, 2016

    I fucking hate these surveys. My friend told me that this one worked for him so I am going to try it, but it would be so much easier if there were no surveys

  6. David December 30, 2016

    Thanks! I am from US and I can confirm that it works here!

  7. Mizuki December 30, 2016

    Why this hack not work? After i follow the sentences. I dont understand after that.

    • admin December 30, 2016 — Post Author

      Hey, what kind of problem are you having? Please tell us more details so we can help you to solve it!

  8. abhilasha January 1, 2017

    yes i need servey complete. thanks u

  9. Alex January 4, 2017

    When i click verify, blank page..
    This can actived by mobile browser or not?

    • admin January 4, 2017 — Post Author

      Ugh, we are sorry to hear that. It should work on your mobile browser too but there is a possibility that there are some compatibility issues. Could you try to use it on your PC?

  10. Tommy January 4, 2017

    I cannot access the survey. After clicking verify it just freezes to “get activation code! Please complete a survey to get activation code.”

    • admin January 4, 2017 — Post Author

      Hey Tommy, we’re so sorry to hear that. The reason for that could be that there are no available surveys for your country at the moment. Can you please tell us where are you from so we can fix it?

      • Tommy January 4, 2017

        I’m from Germany.

        • admin January 4, 2017 — Post Author

          Thank you for the information. We just checked our servers, added surveys and fixed all of the mistakes so everything should work fine now. Please try to use it again and tell us if you still have issues!

          • Tommy January 4, 2017

            OMG it works now!!! Thank you so much admin! Thank you for the support and for making this work! πŸ˜€

  11. Antoine January 4, 2017

    Thanks for sharing! I am going to try it now and I hope it works!

  12. Daniel January 4, 2017

    I struggled with this a lot. I couldn’t complete surveys and then I figured out that maybe I must share it. So I tried sharing it on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest and after that, all of a sudden, I was able to complete one of the offered surveys and I got it to work. So this is just an advice to everyone who is struggling with it, this might save you some time!

  13. Matt January 4, 2017

    I saw this on Facebook, one of my friends shared it and he’s always much better then me so I figured out that he is using this tool for sure to boost his gold and diamonds amount. I am going to try it now too. He has an iPhone, so does it work on Android too?

    • admin January 4, 2017 — Post Author

      Hey Matt, yes it works both on Android and iOS! Have fun!

  14. Allen M. January 4, 2017

    Does it work in Australia? Please answer as soon as possible admin!

    • admin January 4, 2017 — Post Author

      Hello there, yes it works in Australia! We’ve just checked our servers and all of them are running great! Have fun! πŸ˜‰

  15. Xoni January 6, 2017

    I got it to work thanks to the advice I saw here in the comments. REMEMBER: share and like the post on facebook and google+ BEFORE you start completing surveys. That way it will work. When I first tried it, I didn’t share and the survey wasn’t unlocking for me. Once I shared it, it all worked without problems. I hope it will help someone πŸ™‚

  16. Theo January 6, 2017

    I got it to work but can you please clarify is there any daily limit or something like that?

  17. Travie January 7, 2017

    I want to defeat the number 1 in our server because he is so bully and arrogant. I hope I’ll be able to do it with this hack. Thanks!

  18. Danny January 7, 2017

    I shared it on Google+ and Facebook and I also liked this post on Facebook. I am going to test it now and will report later if it worked or not!

    EDIT: It really works! I got 1000 Diamonds right now!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  19. Patrick January 7, 2017

    Does it work in UK? I’m from London. Please answer ASAP

    • admin January 7, 2017 — Post Author

      Hey Patrick, yes it work in UK! You can use it right away πŸ™‚

  20. Zed January 8, 2017

    I got it to work right now! This is SO AWESOME!!!!Thank you sooo much!!! πŸ˜€

  21. soulkai January 8, 2017

    Can I use here in Korea?

  22. Angelo January 10, 2017

    Does this work here in the philippines?

    • admin January 10, 2017 — Post Author

      Hey Angelo, yes it’s working in the Philippines! All of our servers are up and running so you shouldn’t have any problems πŸ™‚

  23. Bugoy January 10, 2017


    tried the survey but no activation code or something right after i finished the surveys. Im from Philippines, maybe its not working in Philippines?

    • admin January 10, 2017 — Post Author

      Hey Bugoy, it is working in Philippines – there are a few solutions for your problem. First of all, make sure to enable pop ups in your browser. Second of all, you need to disable AdBlock if you have it installed. Try these suggestions and let us know if you got it to work! Good luck!

  24. Panda January 16, 2017

    No more survey available sir

    • admin January 16, 2017 — Post Author

      Hey, we’re sorry to hear that. Please tell us where are you from so we can add more surveys for your country.

  25. nana January 31, 2017

    why i cant use survey
    my county in indonesia thanks

    • admin February 5, 2017 — Post Author

      You can use it, there are available surveys for your country! πŸ™‚

  26. Odin January 31, 2017

    After completing a survey and sharing a post on facebook and google +, I still haven’t received any activation code. I’ve followed all the steps and can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

    • admin February 5, 2017 — Post Author

      Hey, after you share it on Facebook and Google+, you need to complete one of the surveys. Did you do that already?

  27. Wicaksana January 31, 2017

    Does this work in here? Im from Indonesia..

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