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CSR Racing 2 Cheats and Tricks



CSR Racing 2 information:

You customise your autos by spending either Cash or Silver – the previous is acquired from earning races as the latter is received (gradually) by levelling up or spending real money through in-app buys. While every one of the upgrade parts can be bought for Cash, some more esoteric improvements require Platinum, which is received at the glacial in-game speed of one part per level. On top of that, the higher-tier parts and are virtually all imports and take real-world time to reach. By spending Platinum, you may make their delivery instant. This update system is innocuous enough, however the petrol system in the overall game can be an unpardonable understanding for cash. Each full container of petrol supports ten units, and each competition melts away a number of products depending on its difficulty and period. Once the tank depletes, you have to invest Gold to refill it or wait (stop playing) for the petrol to replenish as time passes. Otherwise, you can fill your petrol tanks by welcoming friends via Facebook, which does indeed little to increase the understanding of the petrol system as anything apart from a moneymaker for NaturalMotion. Despite CSR Racing’s deeply included and eventually inevitable IAPs, it’s a great and pleasant game that supplies the occasional enjoyment without providing a lot of a challenge. The display and images are both first class, however the game never confirms the right products.

Our guide will show you how to easily get:

  • Cash
  • Gold
  • Fuel

CSR Racing 2 Guide results:




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