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Choices Stories You Play Guide and Tricks [Diamonds and Keys]


Choices Stories You Play Guide is incredibly user friendly so you are getting in unlimited Diamonds and unlimited Keys for no work at all. If you wish to update your game level you are on the right place. Choices Stories You Play Guide can be an awesome solution for you, because it provides you with unlimited items with just one click. Choices Stories You Play Tips and Tricks are totally safe to use and have been proven to work great, so you won’t have any problems. You may feel safe because our it is totally undetectable and it works on all iOS, Windows and Android devices without root or jailbreak required. Another great things about our guide is the fact that it includes in built anonymous Ip which means you won’t be detected by any server.


This online generator ss suitable for providing players with Diamonds and Keys. Would you like to amaze friends and family? Well, we already know the answer. All you have to to do is to try our best Choices Stories You Play Online Generator from the link bellow, choose the quantity of resources what you would like to create in your account and add all of it to your game account! So, this is actually the only way to become the best player.

Choices Stories You Play Cheat is a newly developed program intended to make the overall game easier for you. This software allows you to include endless amount of Diamonds, Keys, and many more! Choices Stories You Play Guide is manufactured by the professionals. It links right to game server and makes changes in data to improve amount of your resources. Our cheat will not leave any track. We don’t keep any private data about our users. Choices Stories You Play Guide is completely safe to use and it’s 100% efficient. Resources are added a couple of moments after using our hack. It is free from spyware and viruses, that could harm your personal computer. Try it now!

Our guide will show you how to easily get:

  • Diamonds
  • Keys

Choices Stories You Play Guide results:


Choices Stories You Play information:

Choices Stories You Play is a simulation game that is presented by Pixelberry. Choices Stories You Play is actually a visual book. For those not really acquainted with those, it is actually a complete report where you can opt for how you want the account to keep. Every single one of your decisions comes with an impact on the results of the complete tale. Choices Stories You Play is a casino game that brings this genre alive on the cellular phone platform for 2016. With 3 different reports built into the sport as of this moment, Choices Stories You Play has a tale for everyone. Each one of these tales has different chapters you can play through and in the end the game’s finishing depends upon the final results that you selected.

Choices Stories You Play has a huge amount of replay value because you can play through it almost an limitless amount of that time period and visit a different ending each and every time during 2016. Whether you intend to simulate a college or university experience, be an FBI detective, or gain control of a enchanting empire, Selections: Reviews You Play is the overall game for you because you can play through many of these scenarios and much more. For top level tier reports and a great way to be interactive with the complete report, Choices Stories You Play is unquestionably the overall game for you if you value visual novels.

The overall game is designed for both Android os and iTunes websites in 2016 presently. It is absolve to play on both platforms and by the same game developer name. Since its release significantly less than a complete month ago, Choices Stories You Play has become a great deal of support from the city, obtaining more than 10,000 total installations and also so that it is to the most notable 25 on the Google android software store. With the average score of 4.2 out of 5, Choices Stories You Play in addition has received a great deal of positive criticism from its group of fans. The coders have even added a support site on the App Store with a contact that it is possible to send messages to if you face any issues with the game. They often respond very quick in line with the reviews that folks have posted.

Click this button to get your PDF guide:


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  1. Percy September 9, 2016

    I can get unlimited Diamonds with it right?

    • admin September 11, 2016 — Post Author

      Yes, of course you can!

      • Jacqueline December 18, 2016

        Can I do this from my phone?

      • Anne January 3, 2017

        Hi Admin, I’ve been trying a lot of sites just to have unlimited keys and diamonds. But none of them works. I tried your site. Downloaded the pdf guide but I’m stuck to survey. It asking me to complete the survey but there’s no survey to be answered. I’m really desprate to have a free keys and diamonds. Please help… πŸ™

        • admin January 3, 2017 — Post Author

          Hi Anne, could you please tell us where are you from so we can add surveys for your country?

          • Anne January 3, 2017

            I’m from the Philippines. I hope you can help me. I’m really addicted to this app. Thank you in advance😊

          • Rasha January 3, 2017

            Hi admin, I want to ask if this survey is also available for middle east! I’m from Jordan

          • admin January 3, 2017 — Post Author

            Yes it’s available!

          • Nadine January 4, 2017

            Hi Admin, I’m from the same country as Anne. We hope you can help us, the surveys in the Philippines are bogus. Thank you!

          • Krys January 7, 2017

            Can you help me too? I don’t see a survey either.

          • admin January 7, 2017 — Post Author

            Yes, of course! Where are you from?

      • Meme January 6, 2017

        It worked in latinamerica ??

    • Clara November 18, 2016

      I got my Diamonds!!!!

  2. Marianne September 10, 2016

    One of my friends shared this on Facebook so I decided to try it (I am from France). First of all I shared it on Facebook and Google+ (I used the sharing buttons at the bottom of the post). I also liked it by using one of the buttons. Then after I clicked the button, I saw a pdf guide opened. I just followed the instructions (yes, I had to complete a survey) and I got it to work. It was my first time trying it, and it worked right away. I added 500 Keys and 1000 Diamonds just to test it and now I am going to add more. I didn’t see anyone talking about sharing on facebook and google+ – maybe thats the reason why you can’t see/complete surveys. I shared it before I clicked the button and I didn’t have any problems after that. So try sharing it, maybe that will fix your problems. If anyone is having problems with sharing, I will be glad to help.

  3. Di September 10, 2016

    OMG IT WORKED!! So at first I was having a problems with it. I couldn’t make it work. Then I figured out that I have the game opened on my phone. After I closed it, your hack worked awesome! So if anyone is having problems with it, try this fix and I’m sure it will work! Have fun!

  4. Jannat October 17, 2016

    How can I get free diamonds??

  5. NS October 20, 2016

    It worked for me.

  6. Liona October 29, 2016

    Where is the link to this stuff? Cant find it anywhere!!

  7. Frankie November 14, 2016

    Hello I’ve tried the hack so many times and it’s just not working. I live in Ireland but I have a german phone number and it will only let me enter a valid irish number to complete one of the surveys so I can’t finish the process. Is there any way to fix this?

  8. Tania November 15, 2016

    Does this really work

  9. Tata November 19, 2016

    How do I do it without doing a survey, I’m not eligible for hem as I’m under 18 years of age

    • admin November 19, 2016 — Post Author

      So sorry to hear that, but there is no way of skipping a survey.

  10. Naomi November 19, 2016

    I want 999999 Diamonds. Thank you. I am from Ohio, Columbus.

  11. cha November 23, 2016

    The offers redirected ne to error 1 how can I fix this?

  12. Dany November 23, 2016

    How can i click ONLINE BUTTON? I can’t click it on the pdf.

  13. Cindy November 24, 2016

    Can someone help me?

  14. Natie November 29, 2016

    Do you have to use the email u used for the game login or any of your emails?

  15. R December 1, 2016

    all survey links are showing error 1 message….

    • admin December 2, 2016 — Post Author

      Wow really? Where are you from? We should definitely fix it!

  16. Emma December 3, 2016

    I download the offer and i am still waiting for the verification to be complete I spent several days and tried several cheats and i really hope this one will work.

  17. Rosie December 3, 2016

    I wanna try this I want it so bad!

  18. Rocco December 3, 2016

    I’m from Italy. Will it work for me? (Italy is in Europe)

  19. Dee K December 5, 2016

    Awesome. Finally some shit that actually works.

  20. Claire December 6, 2016

    My parents wont let me use this :((((((( If I try it, will they know that I was using hacks to get free diamonds??? Please tell me

    • admin December 6, 2016 — Post Author

      Hey Claire, there is absolutely no reason to be worried about – no one will know that you were using hacks to get free diamonds!

  21. Kelly December 7, 2016

    Yay free diamonds finally!!! hahahaha thank you so much

  22. Armando December 7, 2016

    At first it didnt work because i didnt know how to use it, but now i got it to work finally! Thanks

  23. Ella December 8, 2016

    Hey i have a question. Does it work in europe??? Please answer

    • admin December 8, 2016 — Post Author

      Hey Ella! Yes, of course it works in Europe! Feel free to use it!

  24. Olly December 9, 2016

    At first i thought that this is scam. But then, I decided to try it and although you have to complete one of the surveys, it really works! I am strongly recommending it!

  25. Audrey December 11, 2016

    AWESOME! Thank-you!

  26. Lizzy December 11, 2016

    Does it work in Pakistan?

  27. Confused December 11, 2016

    Wtff how is everyone getting it but not me…I’ve completed these stupid surveys so many times it haven’t been given ANYTHING.

    • admin December 13, 2016 — Post Author

      Hey, what kind of errors do you see? Did you enable pop ups in your browser. Also, try to disable ad blocker. Those are some of the advices that could help you. We hope you will manage to solve your problems ASAP.

  28. Longti Imchen December 12, 2016

    I downloaded two apps but still my verification is not complete. From India. Please help

    • admin December 13, 2016 — Post Author

      Hey, please try to enable pop ups in your browser. Also, you can try to disable ad blocker. Then it will work for sure!

      • Quini December 30, 2016

        How do i enable pop ups or disable ad blockers? Its just not working πŸ˜–
        I live in Michigan.

        • admin December 31, 2016 — Post Author

          Hey Quini, which browser you are using? Also, are you using it on your PC or mobile phone?

          • Quini December 31, 2016

            Oh sorry um Google & my phone is an android…

          • admin January 1, 2017 — Post Author

            Click HERE and you will see a guide for enabling pop ups on your Android phone.

  29. Vishnu December 12, 2016

    HI! I want complete survey now I wait. Thx bro

  30. Tasia December 12, 2016

    I want it now

  31. Amber December 12, 2016

    I did the survey and it finally worked. Thank God

  32. Lala December 12, 2016

    does it work in Philippines?

  33. Serajum December 13, 2016

    Does it work in Bangladesh??

  34. Mrunmayee December 16, 2016

    I can’t see the online hack tab. I am from india. Tried disabling pop up block too.

    • admin December 16, 2016 — Post Author

      Hey, first of all, click “Get PDF Guide” – after that you will see instructions for using our guide as well as Online Hack button.

  35. Shiena December 19, 2016

    It didn’t work for me at first. I couldn’t find a solution to make it work. But now I finally got it to work. The only thing I did is that I shared it on my Facebook and G+. So if anyone else is having problems with it, try sharing it on these sites and that might fix your problem.

  36. souma December 20, 2016

    When i open this game it says u have to update it. But there no update available in playstore . Help me.

    • admin December 21, 2016 — Post Author

      Hmmm, it seems like you are having some problems with your App Store. There is no problem on our side – all of the servers are working great!

  37. Pokeymedusah522 December 21, 2016

    Pls does it work in Nigeria

  38. Elisha December 21, 2016

    I’ve allowed pop ups. I’ve closed the program. I’ve done multiple surveys. I get no error but nothing happens.

    • admin December 21, 2016 — Post Author

      How do you mean “nothing happens”? Could you please tell us a little more details about problem you are facing?

      • Elisha December 29, 2016

        It says I completed the survey and then nothing loads. Nothing means nothing.

        • admin December 29, 2016 — Post Author

          Then it’s clearly problem with your browser. We already mentioned before that you need to enable pop ups and disable AdBlocker. Maybe there are some other plugins interfering with pop ups in your browser. All of that is user specific, and it’s hard for us to help you since we don’t know which browser you are using, what plugins you have enabled, etc.

  39. AkaylaπŸ˜πŸŽ€πŸ’œ December 22, 2016

    How you do it exactly?!!

  40. Misa December 23, 2016

    From pakistan survey gives error 1 .. Mostly it shows its not available in this couls you please help

    • admin December 23, 2016 — Post Author

      Ooops! Sorry for that! We just fixed the issue. Sorry once again!

  41. Cindy December 24, 2016

    Thank you so much! Finally working cheat! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  42. Fati December 24, 2016

    does it work in philippines

  43. Desvanya December 24, 2016

    Is it worked in indonesia? And also work in iOS? I really need diamonds and keys πŸ™

    • admin December 26, 2016 — Post Author

      Yes and yes! πŸ˜‰ It works in Indonesia and it works on iOS πŸ™‚

  44. Sammy December 24, 2016

    Hi , does this work in Singapore ? I’ve tried so many other hacks but I still do not receive my diamonds and keys ! Also , do I need to pay money after doing the survey ?

    • admin December 26, 2016 — Post Author

      Yes, it works in Singapore! And.. it’s really hard to answer your second question – it all depends on the type of survey you decide to complete – some of them are free and some of them are not. General advice for you is to choose the survey you find entertaining so you can complete it easily and have fun while doing that!

  45. Jersey December 24, 2016

    Can someone do it for me please. …I can’t get it done for some reason

  46. bugsy December 26, 2016

    will there be a charge to your account or phone after doing this?

    • admin December 26, 2016 — Post Author

      It all depends on the type of the survey you complete. Most of the surveys are free and require you to input your email only, while some of the will require you to download some game, etc. It’s really hard to tell, but you should choose the survey that you find entertaining so you can easily complete it. If you have more questions, feel free to ask! πŸ™‚

  47. Taminnaa December 26, 2016

    So I need to complete a survey, am I right? pls answer

  48. Confused December 27, 2016

    I’m getting confused on how to do this can u walk me through it

    • admin December 27, 2016 — Post Author

      Hello, please tell us more about problems you are having so we can help you more!

  49. NICOLE December 27, 2016

    When I touch verify it opens another page

    • admin December 27, 2016 — Post Author

      That’s normal. Survey will usually open in a new tab, so there is no need to worry about it.

  50. Maria December 27, 2016

    It WORKED!! Thank you soooooo much!

  51. D... queen December 28, 2016

    Can i do it with out survey ? Plz

  52. Anju December 28, 2016

    When i tap on ‘verify’ it asks me to complete the survey.. But there is no option to get directed to the survey. I stay in india and i am using an android phone..

    • admin December 28, 2016 — Post Author

      You mean that there are no available surveys, or you see some errors when you click on surveys?

  53. Parvati December 28, 2016

    How to run a survey?

    • admin December 28, 2016 — Post Author

      You just need to click on it and it will be opened in a new tab.

  54. Anonymous December 28, 2016

    It really works people, it really does!

  55. Cess December 29, 2016

    I finally got my code and it works now! YAAAAAAAAAAY πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

    • Theo December 30, 2016

      Hi CESS , could u give me a photo of that code, please im really desperate cause its not working for me… Do u have any social media like fb , twitter, etc so u can give me the photo if u want..

      • CESS December 30, 2016

        I’m sorry but I don’t think I want to share my code, I don’t even know if it’s allowed to share it πŸ™

        • Theo December 30, 2016

          I mean i wasnt asking u that way, i just wanna know where the activation code will appear.. Cause it didnt appear for me..

    • Clara December 31, 2016

      It worked! I got my activation after completing a survey! AWESOME!

  56. Sakshi December 29, 2016

    There are no offers or surveys in my region. Please make it work! I’m from India.

  57. Audrey December 29, 2016

    I’m too young to use it 😒

    • admin December 29, 2016 — Post Author

      If you don’t know how to use it, you can ask someone older for help! πŸ™‚

  58. Belle December 29, 2016

    Whenever I would get to the survey part there are no links. Help!

  59. Dorothea December 29, 2016

    I got it to work! I am from Germany BTW. I shared it on facebook and google+ before I started using. It didn’t work for the first time because I had some internet connection issues, but the second time it worked great! Thank you for sharing!! πŸ˜€

  60. Amanda December 29, 2016

    I got it to work. I used it on my computer, and I have the game on iPhone 6s. I’m from Norway so I can confirm that it works here in my country.

  61. Tine December 29, 2016

    cant find the survey. help

    • admin December 29, 2016 — Post Author

      Did you open our PDF guide? Try to follow the instructions and let us know where exactly you are facing the problems.

  62. AN December 30, 2016

    But where is the online hack button? I cant find it πŸ™

    • admin December 30, 2016 — Post Author

      Click “Get PDF Guide” button. Once you open it, you will see instructions for using Choices Stories You Play Hack, and “Online Hack” button is there too. πŸ™‚

  63. Justin December 30, 2016

    I have enabled popups (i dunno whats adblocker is), and done doing about 2 surveys (or should i download the game ur offering??), But i still cant load the page or I didn’t get any code to verify 😭😭and the text on the box that showing the offer is “cut” its like their were not in the center of the box😦😦 so i couldn’t read them.-.
    I need a help 😣😣 im from indonesia btw and use xiaomi (i hope it’s work on any device.-.)
    Thanks before😁😁

    • admin December 30, 2016 — Post Author

      Maybe there is some kind of problem on your device. Can you try to use it on your computer?

    • Theo December 30, 2016

      Hey justin im from indonesia too and u got same problem like mee.. Btw punya line atau wa gakk? So we can kontak kontakan.. Desperate bgt gua nih gabisa bisa..

      • Justin December 31, 2016

        Kayanya emang ga bisa deh entah salah dimananya.-. kontak”an buat apa lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        • admin December 31, 2016 — Post Author

          Hey guys, please use English. We don’t understand a single word here o.O

          • Justin December 31, 2016

            There’s nothing for u to understand tho.-. he just got the same problem with me thats it lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  64. heemali December 30, 2016

    I’m not getting anything after clicking on online hack

    • admin December 30, 2016 — Post Author

      Really? Can you please try again and let us know if the problem persists?

  65. Seline December 30, 2016

    Hi! There are no more surveys in my region (Singapore)… anything else that can be done? πŸ™

  66. Ciara December 30, 2016

    It worked for me!! I’m so excited now! THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!! I love you <3 <3 <3

  67. Angel December 30, 2016

    Admin, your comments are really kind, a good person you are, kindly help me in getting diamomds and keys.

    • admin December 31, 2016 — Post Author

      Thanks for the compliment πŸ˜‰ What kind of problems are you having?

  68. Shay December 30, 2016

    Where would you find the activiation key?

    • admin December 31, 2016 — Post Author

      You will unlock activation key once you complete a survey.

      • Shay December 31, 2016

        Ok but what if I did it on my phone? Would it just pop up or automatically be put in because I downloaded an app but it didn’t show me any activation code.

        • admin December 31, 2016 — Post Author

          Once you complete a survey and return to the original page, a pop up will appear and you will have your code downloaded and ready to use.

  69. Benny December 31, 2016

    I got it to work. I had to download an app and play it a bit and after that I got my activation code! This is awesome!!!!

  70. Mysticgrey December 31, 2016

    I cannot click “onlinr hack” on the pdf. Why is that? πŸ™

    • admin December 31, 2016 — Post Author

      Hey, that’s strange. Where are you from and which browser and device you are using?

  71. Sally December 31, 2016

    I tried at least 20 different websites, none of them worked. I’ve lost so much time on it. When I first opened this site (I saw it on facebook, one of my friends shared it), I was skeptical about it because it had a survey just like others andd I wasn’t really sure that it will work. When I saw the comments I was surprised to see that it worked for a lot of people so I decided to give it a try. I had to complete surveys AGAIN, but guess what – IT REALLY WORKS! You can add diamonds and keys to your account with it! I’m so happy because I’ve found something that actually works!

  72. IT WORKS!!! December 31, 2016

    I got my code and I added 10000 hourglass now!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! πŸ˜‰ <3

  73. Angelika December 31, 2016

    I can confirm that it works in Germany! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  74. Janie December 31, 2016

    OMG it really works!!!!!!!!

  75. Theo December 31, 2016

    Hey admin can i contact u by email or something pleasee… Cause it’s hard to explain just with words.. I must send a photo so it can be explained.. Please .. πŸ™

    • admin December 31, 2016 — Post Author

      Hey Theo, post your problem here. Maybe there are more people who are having issues like you, so it could be helpful! πŸ™‚

      • Theo December 31, 2016

        Okay… im from indonesia. im an android user my phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ( ive tried on my laptop too but still didnt work) . I use Google Chrome. Ive enabled pop ups as you mentioned. About ad blocker , i dont have one so there is nothing to turn off.
        Okay here it is. Ive already followed all of your instructions. And my BIG problem is, after completing the offers ( ive completed all the offers not just one) , nothing happens. It kept showing a black box with some white words within it ” GET ACTIVATION CODE ! We are waiting for you to complete the offer you chose blablbla ” But the box is ‘cut’ like JUSTIN mentioned before. In order to see that box full , i rotated my screen to landscape mode ( i dont know if this is important to tell or not hehehe )
        Please help me admin.. I really love this game, and your kind attitude πŸ˜€

        • Amanda December 31, 2016

          I’ve had the exact problem. I almost gave up, but then I figured it out. So, try to use it on your computer. It will be much, much easier, and the problem with the black box will disappear. I hope it helps

          • Justin December 31, 2016

            Ive done it in my laptop before but it still didn’t work out, tbh i forgot the popups and adblocker thing when i use my laptop, should I still “enable and disable” the popups and adblocker on my laptop??

          • Amanda December 31, 2016

            I’ve had it disabled.

          • Theo December 31, 2016

            Actually what is adblocker.. An app or what.. And where i could find that adblocker?

          • admin December 31, 2016 — Post Author

            AdBlocker is browser plugin. If you don’t have it installed, then you don’t need to worry about it.

  76. Dana December 31, 2016

    I got it to work after some time! UGH surveys are so ANNOYING!!! I hate them. But at least it works!

  77. Kristie January 1, 2017

    I cannot access the survey. After clicking verify’ it just freezes to “get activation code! Please complete a survey to get activation code”

    • admin January 1, 2017 — Post Author

      Wow, that’s strange! The reasoon for that could be that there are no available surveys for your country at the moment. Could you please tell us where are you from?

      • Sherry January 2, 2017

        the usa

        • admin January 2, 2017 — Post Author

          We just checked it and there are a lot of available surveys for USA! Please try again, we’re sure you’ll make it work soon!

    • Sherry January 2, 2017

      exactly what happens to me :/

  78. Terra January 1, 2017

    It worked for me, I used it in chrome on windows 10

  79. Lena January 2, 2017

    I used safari and it worked for me!

  80. Krystal January 2, 2017

    I cannot access the survey. After clicking verify’ it just freezes to β€œget activation code! Please complete a survey to get activation code” and i’m from indonesia

    • admin January 2, 2017 — Post Author

      The reason for that could be that currently there are no available surveys for your country. πŸ™ We’ll do our best to add more surveys for Indonesia in the upcoming days so you can use it too!

  81. Channel January 2, 2017

    I got the verification code!! YAY! I didnt work at first, but then i shared it on facebook, twitter and i also pinned it, and then it worked after that!! AWESOME!! πŸ˜€

    • Quini January 3, 2017

      Shared what?? The game app or this site or what???πŸ˜•

      • Channel January 3, 2017

        I shared this post, I used the buttons at the bottom of the post. I shared on facebook, twitter and pinterest, and I also liked it on facebook.

        • Quini January 3, 2017

          The bottom of this post is only showing me other game ads. I shared it with Fb with the dots at the top right corner but i don’t have Pinterest or Twitter…r those necessary too?
          Survey done. Download done.

          • Channel January 3, 2017

            I’m sorry but I’m really not sure if those are necessary πŸ™

          • Quini January 3, 2017

            Thanks for trying anyway! 😁 your advice helped me get farther than ever! Now the message is in my downloads with a cannot open file…at least I’m getting closer! Lol

          • Channel January 3, 2017

            No problem, I’m really happy to hear that my advice helped you! Have fun! πŸ˜‰

    • YoungEmpress January 4, 2017

      When you shared and does survey, the activation code is directly downloaded in your phone? Or there is a message (i.e. Email or SMS) that will pop up in your phone. Thank you for helping 😊😊

      • Channel January 4, 2017

        Hey, I used it on my PC – I have Windows 7, so I don’t know what happens when you use it on your phone. πŸ™ When I shared it and completed survey, a file was downloaded on my PC. I had to use Win RAR to open it and there was an activation code inside.

        • YoungEmpress January 5, 2017

          Thank you very much. Maybe I’ll use my laptop for this cheat. Previously, I’m using android and IOS but still no. So, maybe laptop/PC will work out.

          P.S: do you plug your phone (using USB connector) in you PC when you using this cheat/hack?
          Thanks! πŸ’–

          • Channel January 5, 2017

            No, I didn’t connect my phone to my PC while I was adding Diamonds and Keys, and it all worked fine so I guess you don’t need to do it πŸ™‚

          • YoungEmpress January 5, 2017

            Thank you. 😊😊

        • YoungEmpress January 5, 2017

          should i put check in the ‘use proxy and anti-ban’?

  82. Marianne January 2, 2017

    I got 1000 keys and 1000 diamonds with it!I had to complete a survey though, but I was surprised because this is the first hack that actually worked for me! Thank you so much for this!

  83. Laura January 2, 2017

    The coolest thing about it is that once you make it work, you can use it all over again! I already used it at least 10 times and it worked every single time. I spent a lot of time on survey, but now I see that it was worth it! I am not even sad because I had to pay for the survey because this is brilliant! I am recommending it to everyone!

  84. Ali January 3, 2017

    I got it to work just now! THANK YOU

  85. Khaleese January 3, 2017

    WOW it really works! I didnt have any problems with surveys luckily!

  86. YoungEmpress January 3, 2017

    I liked and shared this post in my social media (FB, Twitter, Google and Pin) to get activation code but still no avail. I’m from Philippines. Please help me, kind Admin.

    • admin January 3, 2017 — Post Author

      Hello! Just sharing isn’t enough. You need to complete one of the surveys in order to get an Activation Code.

  87. Valeria January 3, 2017

    Does this works in Venezuela?

  88. No survey January 3, 2017

    There is no survey!

  89. shu January 4, 2017

    cant open survey. Keep getting error. I am from Singapore

    • admin January 4, 2017 — Post Author

      Hey Shu, there were some issues on your server, but we will fix it as soon as possible so you can use our hack just like others! Thank you for the patience!

  90. Dolores January 4, 2017

    Hi I’m from Australia! I completed surveys for verification and I got it to work! I just wawnted to say thanks!

  91. Ronette January 4, 2017

    I got it to work! Thank you!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  92. AnOnYmOuS January 5, 2017

    I completed the survey and got a download for the activation code and I was able to open it with WinRAR. So if any of you have problems with opening it, I suggest you to try to use WinRAR.

    • Quini January 5, 2017

      OMG! I’m almost there with this Rar tip! Thk u thk u but it says the password has one error…do i start at the beginning with http or after verified..?
      Plz you’re my only hope Lol

  93. Jona January 5, 2017

    Hi i am form albania and i couldent get any diamonds could you help me?i clicked to the link and it downloaded an application and than nothing happened….please help me.

    • admin January 5, 2017 — Post Author

      Hey Jona, could you please tell us more details? Have you completed one of the surveys or not?

      • jona January 5, 2017

        yes i did but it says i have a account issue and that i need a ticket…plesa give me a solution

  94. Patricia January 5, 2017

    IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! 😎 😎

  95. lol January 5, 2017

    not sure if real or fake

    • admin January 5, 2017 — Post Author

      If you follow all the steps, then it will surely work for you! If you decided to try it, and if you have some issues with it, feel free to post here and we will do our best to help you! πŸ™‚

  96. BTT January 5, 2017

    I shared it, completed survey, and now I got 1000 Keys to my account! I’m going to add even more! Thank you!

  97. YoungEmpress January 5, 2017

    More survey in the Philippines, please 😒😒

  98. Adrienne January 5, 2017

    Do I need to share after I complete the survey to get my activation code?

    • admin January 5, 2017 — Post Author

      You should share it before you start completing a survey.

  99. Tina January 5, 2017

    I tried to complete the survey but when I try to download the application , it open in another window wich is asking me for my number and after I introduced ,ask me to send message at one number wich is with payment. This is not free? I m from romenia .

    • admin January 5, 2017 — Post Author

      There are both free and paid surveys. It usually depends on the country you live in, although new surveys are added almost every day, so for example if there are no free surveys for Romania today, there might be some free surveys tomorrow. Once the old surveys expire, new ones are being added.

  100. Adrienne January 5, 2017

    Where will the activation code appear at after sharing it and finish the survey and wat do I share? Do I share the game or the website.

    • admin January 5, 2017 — Post Author

      When you complete a survey, your download will unlock and the Activation Code will be downloaded to your “Downloads” folder. You need to share this post, it’s easy is you use the buttons at the bottom of the post πŸ™‚

  101. Adrienne January 5, 2017

    Where do I share the post at

    • admin January 6, 2017 — Post Author

      You should share it on Facebook, Google+, but you can also use other social sites if you want πŸ™‚

  102. I'll pay someone January 6, 2017

    If someone can do this for me and give me 1,000,000 diamonds & keys, I’LL pay you $20.
    Easy cash. You gotta do the hack first before I pay, not tryna mess with any scammers.

  103. Masinsy January 6, 2017

    Hello admin,, can u please add th survey… I am from Brunei Darussalam..

  104. Uncu estee January 7, 2017

    Admin please do something.
    Not working in Nigeria.
    Add surveys to Nigeria please

  105. Teeluxie January 7, 2017

    Dear admin, put survey in Nigeria.

    • admin January 7, 2017 — Post Author

      No problem Teeluxie, we’ll do it so you can use our cheat!

  106. Nina January 7, 2017

    Says I have to pay in the offers, why I’m the only one to pay? I’m from Brazil.

  107. favour January 7, 2017

    Does it work for people in Nigeria

  108. Sofiss2004 January 7, 2017

    Hey, I just wanna ask, is it working in Czech Republic? Because nothing worked for me to this time.

    • admin January 7, 2017 — Post Author

      Hey, there are available surveys for Czech Republic, so it should work for you! Have fun!

  109. GamerJay January 7, 2017

    Hey! Just saw this website and tried to get some diamonds and keys but I can’t seem to do a survey… is this really available in Sweden? Does every survey have to include giving away all your personal details?

    • admin January 7, 2017 — Post Author

      Hey! Yes, it’s available in Sweden! There are different types of surveys – some of them require you to enter your email, your details such as name and age, while there are also types of surveys which require you to enter your mobile phone number and confirm it, etc. It all depends on the country you live in. Also, if advertisers get enough data from particular survey, then they remove it and that’s the reason why new surveys are added almost every day as a replacement for expired surveys.

      • GamerJay January 8, 2017

        Okay, I get it. However, when I follow the guidelines in the pdf – I enter the email that is connected to the app, right? So when I get to the generate button I just do a survey and get my desired diamonds/keys? In which, this ‘activation key’ that you mention in the pdf is in fact just the survey? So then how long does the transfer process take?
        Sorry for all the questions, but I want to be sure that this will work without any complications.

        • admin January 8, 2017 — Post Author

          Hey GamerJay – all of your answers are correct. πŸ™‚ Transfer process usually takes a few minutes, around 3-6. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask here. πŸ™‚

  110. Wendy January 9, 2017

    Hi,I’m from Taiwan,can I get those key and diamond?

  111. Mizah Nadzim January 10, 2017

    Hi. Im from Brunei Darussalam. Is it working from Brunei Darussalam?

    • admin January 10, 2017 — Post Author

      Hey, yes it works there! All of our servers are up and running.

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